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“In Fairness to the Fair Folk,” The Arcanist, Dec 2018.

When your village burns down, it’s easy to blame the fae. (Flash, fantasy)

“What’s Criminal,” Breath & Shadow, Jan 2019.

A former orphan kidnaps a kid from a Dickensian museum. (Flash, suspense)


For the Feather Dusters,” Hides the Dark Tower (anthology), Pole to Pole Publishing, Sep 2015.

In a tall tower, a recluse contemplates a love note from a young idealist in whom he has no interest. Perhaps it will be easiest to ignore it entirely — an option eliminated by the arrival of the writer herself. (Flash, romance)

“The Good Will,” Not All Monsters (Stoker-Award-nominated anthology), Rooster Republic Press, Oct 2020.

When she dies, a woman arrives at the Good Will — a place where she wears her soul as a quilt around her shoulders, and is guided by dress-form gods. (Short story, speculative horror)